Sunday, 1 June 2014

Raila Denies CORD Wants to Join Government - Reaffirms Demand for National Dialogue


Hon Raila Odinga wishes to state that the CORD coalition has never contemplated and will never contemplate, joining the Government.

CORD however will not relent on its demand for a national dialogue focusing on the most immediate and compelling problems facing the country including:

1. High cost of basic necessities.

2. Peace and security for the land and the review and reform of security organs.

3. Implementing and empowering devolution and ensuring the county governments get their equitable share of national revenue.

4. The electoral system and process and the overhaul of IEBC.

5. Eradication of corruption.

CORD’s intervention is driven by a growing feeling that the Jubilee administration has lost touch with the pains of ordinary Kenyans who struggle with house rent, bus fare, school fees and high cost of basic commodities like milk and unga.

CORD is concerned that Jubilee may be missing what the evacuation of hundreds of tourists and closure of hotels means to the many waiters, cooks, tour van drivers and tour guides who depend solely on the tourists.

CORD is convinced the fact that Jubilee is quoting figures indicating the economy is well on track further indicates a government losing touch with the struggles of its citizens.

The Opposition coalition views the fact that Jubilee is quoting figures indication the economy is on right track as further indication of loss of touch with the struggles of the voters.

If the trends continues, the next year will be as painful as the last, if not worse.

Cord is not keen on joining such an administration. It is keen on standing up for Kenyans, and it shall do that.

JUNE 1, 2014

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