Wednesday, 27 November 2013

CORD's Rebuttal Statement to Hon. Mudavadi's Allegations


Following the cowardly and unfortunate statement by Hon. Musalia Mudavadi towards the Co-Principal of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga yesterday, I wish to respond as follows;

Musalia Mudavadi re-appears from the ashes of the March 4th 2013 to do what he does best… SPOIL.

Musalia Mudavadi yesterday released a hard hitting press statement targeted at the Rt. Hon Raila Odinga accusing the Prime Minister of seeking to "divide the Luhya community for personal gain."

The biggest limitation of Hon Mudavadi is his lack of vision; what he sees as an attempt to divide the Luhya community is in reality a selfless effort at uniting the Luhya community with the rest of
 Kenya! He should learn from Senator Bonny Khalwalwe who has seen the error of his ways and joined CORD in pursuing a vision of one Kenya for all.

Mudavadi should know that there is no battle for supremacy between him and Mr. Odinga because he holds no waters in Bungoma politics. Nobody takes him seriously on anything as it is a fact that everyone knows his opportunistic and cowardly style of politics where he is always waiting to be invited, offered and given.

It is an open secret that Amani group have a post election agreement with the Jubilee coalition and this makes the Bungoma Senatorial race to be a contest between CORD and Jubilee. Therefore, it is foolhardy for Mudavadi and his team to purport to run away and disown their association with Jubilee as this only explains how opportunistic he can be.

On the 19th of December 2013, the people of Bungoma will vote for their Senator and regardless of how one interprets it; this will be a race between CORD and JUBILEE. I want to tell Mudavadi for free that the people of Bungoma county and Western region as a whole have absolutely no time for Jubilee and their shenanigan will tumble come the 19th of next month.

Mudavadi can not just accuse the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga of being disrespectful to others when in his statement he displays the most veil, discourteous and disrespectful language towards the same man he is accusing; as two wrongs don’t make a right.

CORD's vision goes beyond tribal cabals organized to act as a platform to propel individuals to power or shield them in times of adversity. CORD seeks to integrate all Kenyans as one people regardless of ethnic, religious, social or economic background.

This is why CORD has legislators, Senators and Governors from all over Kenya! Mpuri Aburi in Meru, Simba Arati in Nairobi, Hassan Ali Joho in Mombasa, Ukur Yattani in Wajir, Millie Odhiambo in Mbita, Wilfred Machage in Migori, Chris Bichage in Nyaribari Chache, Ababu Namwamba in Budalang'i, Alfred Mutua in Machakos, Peter Ole Nkedianye in Kajiado, Wycliffe Oparanya in Kakamega, Amason Kingi in Kilifi, Mutula Kilonzo Junior in Makueni, John Munyes in Turkana etc, etc... ODM's Executive Director Mr. Magerer Langat is from Kipkelion, Deputy Director from Central, Wiper Executive Director Brigadier Rop is from Nandi, the list goes on and on. Our nominated Senators are ALL WOMEN; the youngest Senator Miss. Daizy Kanainza (24) is from CORD and hails from Kakamega whom Amani fought vehemently before she was confirmed.

Look at the face of the Amani Coalition; where is the diversity? Where are the women? What is this "unity" that Hon Mudavadi talks about? Tribal unity? CORD on the other hand stands for national unity.

Hon. Mudavadi must explain to the Luhya nation how he lost the control of Vihiga County, his birthplace to Hon. Moses Akaranga on a little known party called PPK… He must explain why he lost his parliamentary seat in 2002 to the same Mr. Akaranga while serving as the Vice President of the Republic of Kenya before he accuses others of being disrespectful. The man is a relic of political history and unworthy of the engagement of CORD Principals Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, H.E. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Moses Wetangula.

We urge Hon Mudavadi to conduct an issue based campaign, if he cannot;
he should leave it to those who understand the issues facing Kenyans.

27TH Nov. 2013