Monday, 16 September 2013

Resolutions of the CORD Parliamentary Group Meeting Held on 16th Sept 2013

We, CORD members of the Senate and the National Assembly, meeting today, Monday 16th September 2013 under the chair of our coalition co-principals, Rt, Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and Senator Moses Wetangula have reaffirmed our strong commitment to stand with Kenyans on all matters of public interest and resolved as follows:

1. CORD remains committed to continue playing our role as a responsible opposition, providing credible and consistent alternative voice in the best interest of the people of Kenya.

2. CORD is deeply pained and concerned by the sharp rise in the cost of living inflamed by the improper application of the VAT Act to basic commodities like unga, bread, sugar and milk. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the obvious insensitivity of the Jubilee government on this matter.

3. CORD is equally perturbed by the continuing spate of insecurity in many parts of the country. We believe the cardinal duty of any government is to protect the lives and property of all citizens. It’s now apparent that the Jubilee government has miserably failed in this duty or it’s guilty of complicity.

4. CORD wishes the accused Kenyans a fair and just Trial and hope that the victims will find justice. We are equally strongly opposed to the Jubilee-driven short-sighted move to pull Kenya from the Rome statue. We believe this is a cynical agenda by the very well-known agents of impunity to roll back the country’s gains in the fight against entrenched impunity. The move is manifestly myopic, selfish and big shame on Kenya as an otherwise respectable member of the international community. CORD will continue to strongly oppose this move that is grossly injurious to Kenya.

5. CORD believes the Jubilee government has and continues to demonstrate bad faith and resistance to devolution. This is demonstrated by measures such as withholding roads money from county governments, denying county governments a role in security matters and the superficial attempt to mix up CDF with devolution.

6. As Parliament reconvenes tomorrow, and in the view of this grave concern, CORD has resolved to take the following measures:

a. Sponsor immediate amendment to the VAT act, to expressly exclude basic items from VAT to cushion ordinary Kenyans from their present suffering.

b. Oppose the two bills on the Kenya Police Service currently before the House. We will Strongly resist all attempts to sabotage the momentum of Police reforms by returning the country to the dark days of an imperial Police boss. We challenge the Jubilee government to resign if they cannot protect the lives and property of Kenyans.

c. We condemn the attempt to pull Kenya from the Rome statute and will strongly fight this move by all means possible. Those charged should have no fear if they believe they are innocent. One must wonder whether the spectacle of compromising witnesses and scampering to sabotage ICC is indeed a manifestation of innocence.

d. Continue the push to strengthen devolution by demanding increased allocation of resources to counties, including immediate release of roads funds to county governments.

7. CORD remains strong and committed to service to the people of Kenya.

Meanwhile CORD wishes to announce that we have appointed Hon. Gen. Joseph Nkaisery, Senator Dr. Agnes Zani and Hon. Dorcas Kedogo to join the CORD Coordination Board, the second highest organ of the coalition.

Signed by: The CORD coalition.

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