Friday, 15 March 2013

Launch of the Democracy-On-Trial Campaign

The ‘Democracy-On-Trial’ campaign has been launched as a support network to the Presidential Petition that will be filed by the CORD Coalition tomorrow (Saturday 16th March 2013) morning.

This campaign is a peaceful campaign that will run for the duration of the petition. The color for the campaign is ‘white’. Kenyans are encouraged to produce tshirts with peace messages while those not able to wear white Tshirts can wear ‘White Arm Bands’ or ‘White Lapel-Pin Ribbons’.

The campaign is also multi-faceted and includes:

a. The ‘Democracy On Trial Peace Prayer Vigils’ that will run for 24 Hrs every day starting tomorrow morning, in various regions across the Country for the entire duration of the Supreme court case. These vigils will specifically pray that truth will stand out in the Supreme Court case; for wisdom and courage for our Judges; and for Peace across the entire country as justice is sought in Court.
b. The ‘White Ribbon Social Media Campaign’ that is calling for peace and unity across the ethnic and political divide on twitter, Facebook and social media blogs, even as we all wait for the Supreme Court decision. This initiative will specifically speak against the vitriol and hatred being spewed on social media based on ethnic and/or political differences, with a view to reconcile the country pre and post the Supreme Court decision. We want to remind Kenyans that we are one country despite our political differences.

We urge all Kenyans to support this petition as Democracy goes on trial over the next 14 days.


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