Friday, 22 February 2013

Raila Due for Extensive Kiambu County Campaign Tour

Hon Ochieng Mbeo and Phil Etale
Addressing the media at CORD center
On Tuesday next week, that is 26th February 2013, the CORD Presidential Candidate, the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga will make an extensive tour of Kiambu County to drum up the support for his bid to become the 4th President of Kenya. 

Mr. Odinga has traversed all parts of Kenya, talking to the electorate and the general public on why they should elect him their next leader so that he can steer this country to greater heights of development. And that is exactly what he will do in Kiambu.

However, CORD is disturbed by the spate of violence by some criminal elements vetted on the CORD members at their rallies and meetings especially in the Mt. Kenya region. Two weeks ago, our candidate and his Running Mate, Vice President Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka had their rally disrupted by rowdy youths in Embu who chanted pro-Jubilee Alliance slogans. A day before in Meru, two Jubilee Alliance branded choppers deliberately landed at the venue of the CORD rally disrupting the meeting. Both incidences were well covered by the media.

On Monday this week, ODM Secretary General Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o while campaigning for the party candidate in Limuru Constituency was attacked by rowdy youths who broke into his vehicle harassed people and stole his briefcase which contained money and other personal documents. They also took off with campaign materials that were meant for the rally. On Wednesday, the CORD campaign caravan was attacked by armed people who were waving crude weapons including machetes and clubs in Ndumberi area of Kiambu and caused damage to the vehicles and trucks that were in the campaign trail. These two incidences were also well covered by the media.

Clearly, this shows how intolerant some people are. It is barbaric, archaic and unacceptable especially when everyone is talking about peaceful campaigns and elections. We call upon the Jubilee Presidential Candidate Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta to reign on his supporters and instill discipline in them. He must tell his people to respect divergent views and respect his competitors.

Jubilee Alliance supporters must know that Kenya belongs to everyone and that after 4th of March when CORD takes over the mantle, we shall continue living peacefully in this great land of Kenya. We urge our supporters across the country to continue maintaining peace and accord all the Presidential candidates warm welcome whenever they visit our strongholds. This is why we urged Kenyans to vote for CORD in the March 4 general election.
Hon. Ochieng Mbeo Mr. Ezekiel Wafula
Member, Communication Team CORD National Coordinating Committee


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