Monday, 25 February 2013

Do Not Sell IDs, CORD National Coordinating Committee Pleads With Voters

Today, next week, Kenyans will be going to the polls to elect their new leaders in an historic event that is the first of its kind under the new constitution. On this day, the over 14 million registered voters will decide the destiny of our beloved country Kenya, by electing into office leaders who will steer them to success for the next five years.

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) together with other coalitions and political parties will be seeking the node to govern this country and steer it to the next level of democracy. CORD is prepared to deliver Kenya to the Promised Land that they have been waiting for, for 50 years now. The time has come that the people of Kenya must rise above the tribal politics and mould Kenya into an all inclusive home, for all. We must say no to tribalism and vote for leaders who embrace togetherness. 

This is the time that our fellow countrymen must learn from other people’s opinions and experiences, and elect to decide what’s right for them, by themselves. Hate speeches must be shunned at this point and time. We must be tolerant with each other and appreciate each one of us as a brother and sister born and brought up in our beautiful land of Kenya.

The warnings that are being issued to some members of our society by some criminal elements warning them to vacate from their houses and ‘go to where they belong’ are not only primitive, but an infringement to the Constitution and right to live and work anywhere in this country. We call upon the Inspector General of Police to ensure that every Kenyan is assured of security now and after the general election.

The CORD urges its supporters to stay put wherever they registered as voters and cast their votes there. They should not allow themselves to be intimidated by anyone. We urge our supporters and every Kenyan, who enlisted as a voter to safeguard their National Identity Cards and Passports in readiness for Monday. This is the only weapon they can use to make Kenya a better place to be, by electing good and credible leaders. Please don’t sell your ID card to anyone for any amount of money. If you sell your ID card, you will be selling your right to elect good leaders, and you should not complain when bad leaders are elected.

We appreciate the assurance by the IEBC that they are investigating claims of ID cards being bought in some parts of the country. This is commendable. 

Finally, as we head to the general elections, we urge Kenyans to turnout in large numbers and vote for the Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, a man who has vision for Kenya and the will a calling to make a difference for this NATION.

Hon. Franklin Bett, EGH.
Chairman, CORD National Coordinating Committee.

Rt. Gen. John Koech.
Chairman, CORD Communication Team.

Hon. Ochieng’Mbeo.
Member, CORD Communication Team.

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