Wednesday, 20 February 2013

CORD Statement on Land Commission and TNA Withdrawal from Presidential Debate


The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is appalled by the reluctance of the government to gazette the names of the Commissioners to the National Lands Commission despite having been passed by Parliament before its dissolution.

The National Land Commission is an important institution which is constitutionally tasked with the responsibility of handling all matters pertaining land. Land is an emotive issue that needs to be handled by law, hence the need for the gazettement of the Commission and political goodwill.

However, we are shocked that the Jubilee Alliance’s flag bearer Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta has persistently evaded the issue of land whenever questions are raised and we are not surprised at his withdrawal from the 2nd National Presidential Debate which is scheduled for next Monday.

We are aware that one of the questions for the debate is touching on land and we expect that any politician intending to govern this country must be ready to highlight on how they are going to tackle the issue of land if elected on the 4th of March this year. We know that he has always stated that if elected, he will address the issue of land, but we are asking how? We urge Mr. Kenyatta not to shy away from this issue; after all it affects everyone in Kenya.

We wish to assure Kenyans that if elected to power, the CORD government shall give the necessary assistance to the National Land Commission to discharge its duties to the betterment of the welfare of all the people.

The CORD team is also happy that majority of the Kenyan youth are in support of the Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka candidacy because they believe their future lies in the wisdom the two leaders have in leadership. CORD is an alliance that brings hope to the people of Kenya especially the youth and our main objective is to make the Kenyan people think and hope for a better future.

Finally, CORD is a team that believes in the first round win and we are assuring our supporters and the general public that we shall triumph over our opponents in the first round. We shall work round the clock to ensure that Kenyans are not subjected to an expensive process of a run-off which is projected to cost a whooping Ksh. 7 Billion. This amount is enough to employ 100 teachers per every County a year and we urge Kenyans to vote for CORD overwhelmingly to avoid this expensive exercise.

We call on all Kenyans to turnout in large numbers and vote for Raila and Kalonzo ticket on the 4th of March 2013.

Thank you. God Bless Kenya.

Rt. Lt. General John Koech
Chairman – CORD Communication Committee

Hon. Ochieng’ Mbeo
Member – CORD Communication Committee


Hon. Franklin Bett and Hon. Gideon Ndambuki
Co-Chairmen of the CORD National Coordination Committee.


  1. This issue of land you keep lamenting about will never help Raila Odinga win this election. CORD has run out of ideas and we have said that instead of attending a skewed debate let our candidate devote his time in selling his ideas to the electorates.

  2. But What better way to reach out to electorates than on national TV viewed by all Kenyans? As i have said, UK stands to lose less votes by not showing up for this debate than the number of voters we would lose if he showed up.

    Its also cost more to lose thousand acres of LAND then it would to lose thousand voters. Do the math.

    Kenyan will not be led by a pampered coward who cant face issues straight on.

  3. Last I checked the most landless people in Kenya are from Central. How come their anointed son whose father grabbed their land and sent them and made them refugees does not come to their aid and yet they vehemently support him simply because of chauvanistic tendencies of the people from the area