Saturday, 12 January 2013

Statement by H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka on Tana Delta Violence

These are some very dark and deeply sad days for Kenya. As a country, a government and as a people, we are failing. I deeply regret the senseless killing of innocent ‘wananchi’. These were grandmothers, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. They were old. They were young. They were people. They were our fellow citizens. This loss of life is deeply saddening. It is unnecessary. It is inexcusable, and I condemn it in the strongest terms possible.

To all the families who have lost loved ones, know that I am grieving with you. All Kenyans of conscience are grieving with you. We feel your hurt. We empathize with your pain. We have heard your cries of anguish. And we cannot answer them simply with a request for more time. We might not have all the answers immediately at our fingertips. We might not presently posess the entire, complete and perfect solution to the strife that continues to rock the Tana Delta. But we must try. We must do all that we can. And we cannot, we shall not, and we will not relent until the calm of peace and the rule of law is restored. We know that the only solution that can last is when we as a people arrive at a place where we choose to pursue a peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect, and vow never again to such violence and strife. As Kenyans, this is what we all must ultimately work towards.

To the affected individuals, families and communities in the Tana Delta: As you weep, please accept our deepest and most heartfelt condolences. Kenya stands in solidarity with you. I commit to pray for you, work for you and fight for you until peace, justice and the rule of law are restored. We must protect the innocent. We must prosecute the perpetrators and executors of these heinous acts. Whoever they are, wherever they may be.

For all the families that have been torn apart, and for each of the survivors, we know that life will never be the same. While the wounds that you have suffered within your hearts and minds may never fully heal, know that Kenya still needs you. You know firsthand why we must find a better way. Let us continue to pray and work for a Kenya where we can dwell in peace and liberty. It would be a meaningful way to honor the lives of those that we lost. In the meantime, I pray that you will hold onto God's unchanging hand, and that He will grant you the peace that passes all understanding. 

H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka
Vice President

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